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Global Coffee production

So here's some interesting info on green coffee worldwide...

World coffee production increased by 0.1% to 168.2 million bags in coffee year 2022/23. Said the ICO, “The stagnant growth rate belies the tremendous changes at the regional level, with the coffee world neatly split between the expanding Americas and the shrinking rest of the world.”

Asia & Oceania coffee production decreased by 4.7% in 2022/23, while production from Africa decreased by 7.2%.

The new total global production estimate (Arabica and Robusta) for the year 2023/24 year is for a 5.8% increase to the equivalent of 178 million 60-kilo bags. Arabica is expected to account for 102.2 million bags, while Robusta is expected to increase to 75.8 million. Said the ICO, “The biennial production effect will play a large role in the outlook, especially for Brazil and the Arabicas, as the impact of the July 2021 frost continues to be resolved.

Global Coffee Consumption...

World coffee consumption recorded a decrease of 2.0% to 173.1 million bags in the year 2022/23. Said the ICO, “Consumption in coffee year 2022/23 did not faithfully follow the established pattern due to the impact of the high cost of living, falling disposable incomes and a long stocks drawdown.”

World coffee consumption is expected to grow in 2023/24 by 2.2% to 177.0 million bags, with non-producing countries making the biggest contribution to the overall increase.

Said the ICO, “The world coffee consumption outlook for coffee year 2023/24 is broadly framed by the assumption that the global economy will continue to grow at above 3.0%, and that the industry will respond to the large drawdown of stocks, which will be positively reflected in apparent consumption.”

(Roast Magazine 2023)

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