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Organic Peruvian, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas

Here at Matador Coffee Roasting Co., we believe that connection is key in the multi-sensory experience of drinking and enjoying coffee. It’s important we understand where the coffee we consume comes from and the phases it has gone through before ultimately arriving in our cup (more on this in a future blog). Let’s take a brief journey to Northern Peru and learn more about the region from which our latest featured coffee hails, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas:

Rodriguez de Mendoza is a province of the Amazonas region of northern Peru, known for its fertile soil, its rivers and dense rainforest. Some of the characteristics of coffee grown in this high altitude region include mild acidity, medium body, floral aromas and rich sweetness.

According to World Coffee Research, Peru is the world's leading producer of organic arabica coffee. Requirements for this organic seal include no use of prohibited substances on the land for at least three years. This includes most synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Other certification requirements include a buffer between the coffee and any other crop not grown organically, a plan that demonstrates methods that prevent soil erosion, and other sustainable agricultural criteria. (

Organic Peruvian, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas
FLAVOR NOTES: Brown sugar, cocoa nibs, peppery tang
ORIGIN: Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru

Enjoy a cup of our single origin Peruvian while you can, only for a limited time. Or try one of our other unique blends and ask yourself as you sit and sip, "What is the origin story of my coffee?"

-Kent Simmons, Roaster

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