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Sumatran Gayo G1 Dry Process

I love Sumatran coffee, let me get that out of the way first. It's one of the more challenging flavor profiles available to the coffee lover and it is where I found my pallet for gourmet coffees. I remember getting a cup at a local shop many years ago and having my "A-ha" moment. It was the first coffee I tasted that was obviously different from the norm of the time. That cup took me to one of the far parameters of the universal coffee pallet, bold earthy Sumatra, and once I tasted the unique depth of flavors from this rich growing region I was forever hooked.

This month we're proud to offer Sumatran Mandheling Gayo G1 Dp Shade grown between 3200-6000 feet and dry processed in the sun this wonderfully unique gem comes on strong with a peaty earthy aroma. Its flavor notes include cocoa, dark red wine, leather, and red apple. Medium dark roasted this coffee is a great option for your French press pot!

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